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        • 产品名称: Directly Buried Prefabricated Insulation Pipe
        • 产品编号: D003
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        Product  Name: Directly Buried Prefabricated Insulation Pipe
        Jacketed Pipe Performance Indicators:
        Density:≥940 kg/m3    Carbon Black::2.5%±0.5%。
        Melt Flow Rate Difference:≤0.5g/10min
        Tensile Yield Strength :≥19 MPa
        Elongation at break≥350%
        Longitudinal Shrinkage Rate:≤3%
        Tensile strength (80℃,the shortest Yield time 1500h):≥4MPa
        Technical Indicator of Insulation Layer:
        The Foam Obturator Rate≥88%
        Foam Density :≥60 kg/m3。
        Comprehensive stress:≥0.3MPa
        Water Absorption:≤10%
        Technical Indicator of Insulation Pipe
        Jacketed Pipe Diameter Enlargement Rate:≤2%
        Axis Eccentricity :≤8mm
        Shearing Strength:23±2℃≥0.12 MPa
        Cutting Impact :External Protecting tube without visible Cracks