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        • 产品名称: Steel Pipe for Sport Equipment
        • 产品编号: B008
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        Name of Product: Welded pipe for sport equipment
        Standard: GB/T13793-2008
        Grade of Steel: Q345B
        Specification: Φ108×3.0×12000mm
        Technical requirement
        O.D. tolerance: PD.A≤±1.0%D
        Tolerance of Wall Thickness: PT.A≤±10.0%t
        Out of Roundness:≤0.75D;
        Tolerance of Length : 0—+20mm;
        Straightness: PS.A≤1.5mm/m;
        Out of squareness: ≤3mm
        Outside bur: almost abreast with the base metal
        Inside bur: -0.20—+0.50mm。