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        • 产品名称: Steel Pipe for Urban Construction
        • 产品编号: A011
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        Production Name:Steel Pipe for City Construction
        Standard: AS/TM A252-2010
        Grade: GR.3
        Technical Requirement:
        O.D.Tolerance of Pipe: Body≤±1.0%D; End≤±0.40% D或±4.0mm,min value
        Tolerance of Wall Thickness:≤±0.1t
        Out of Roundness:the end of each steel pipe length 1.0mm within the scope, max diameter≤1%D,min diameter≤1%D
        Tolerance of Length: ±50mm
        Straightness: Full length ≤0.2%L;
        Out of squareness ≤4mm
        Blunted Edge:1.6±0.8mm