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        • 产品名称: Two Layer External FBE Coating Pipe
        • 产品编号: C010
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        Product Name: Two layer external fusion bonded epoxy powder coating pipe
        Coating level:reinforce level
        Technical indicators:
        Minimum thickness: bottom layer≥300μm;surface layer≥500μm;
        Curing time (230 ℃), min: inner layer≤3,outer layer≤2.5;
        Gel time (230 ℃) s: inner layer≤12-30,outer layer≤10-20;
        Thermal characteristics△H   J/g:≥45
        28d cathodic disbondment:≤8 . 5mm
        24h or 48h cathodic disbondment:≤11.5 mm
        The porosity level of the bonding surface:1-4
        The porosity level of the section furface:1-4
        3°bending resistance:No cracks
        1.5J Impacting test:No leaking point
        24h Adhesion:1-3
        Coating after bending 28d cathodic disbondment:No cracks