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        • 产品名称: 8710 Anticorrosion Pipe for Drinking Water
        • 产品编号: C009
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        Product name:8710 Anticorrosion pipe for drinking water
        Coating level: Extra-reinforce
        Technical indicators:
        Coating structure: primer-primer-finish-finishTotal thickness of dry film:≥450μm
        The viscosity:≥80
        Degree of fineness:≤100μm
        Solid content:≥80%
        Drying time:Surface dry(25℃)≤50min;Hard dry(25)≤15h;
        Adhesion: 1
        Flexi bility:1mm
        Impact strength:50cm
        Salt water(50%NaCI,100℃,100h):Not bubbles
        Hygienic safety evaluation:Qualified